Contact : e.c.bundy@gmail.com 


El Bundy, luxembourgeoise, à travers la peinture et des collages, El transmet ses expériences visuelles crée sous (DMT) Dimethyltryptamine.

 » Born in Paris in 1989, Débile spent her early adulthood in London, creating indoor murals using acrylic paint and knives alongside Outsider artist Anshu Asthana. In November 2013, Débile moved to Berlin to work with Sudani street artists in a squatted school on Ohlauer Strasse. Currently focusing on large-scale, mixed media collages, she is influenced by African art, brutalism, internet meme culture, and children’s drawings. During FFYS, Débile will collaborate with Dish in a spirit of playful sabotage, using whatever media come at hand. « 


Elle Bundy – 2014